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Post by UltimatuS on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:24 am

Hello i get bored sometimes and i search for good movies to watch but in those days i couldnt find any good movie so i wanted to make this topic to help all members that like movies and that dont know wich one to watch...

So please post your 5 top movies that you watched and latest 5 movies that you watched...
Ill start with mine:
Top 5:
1. American Pie 2
2. Lord of The Rings 1
3. Saints
4. Book of Eli
5. 2Fast 2Furios

Latest 5:
American Pie 7: Book of Love (Its good teen movie but not like AP 2)
Wanted 2008 (Great movie for action lovers)
Day Watchers (Well good movie)
Mutant Chronicles (Good movie but ending is bad)
Book of Eli (One of the greatest movies i ever watched and it will remain like that)

So yeah gimme your top & latest 5. Smile

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