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The Ruler's Results

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The Ruler's Results

Post by UltimatuS on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:10 am

3 duels 3 different decks.
1st duel he used falcon control
2nd duel used blackwings
3rd duel used x-sabers

Number of cards in the deck :
1st deck 40 cards so +5
2nd deck same +5
3rd deck 40 cards +5

Number of duels won during the test :
2/3 so 10 points

Deck build from the viewpoint of the tester :

Usage of cards from the viewpoint of the tester :
8/10 points.

Deck Originality
6/10 points.

Ruling situations and ability to understand them according to the tester.
8/10 points

From a total of 70 points : 56 points

Yeah that is close.. x)

Well yeah your are intermediate duelist.. have fune.. Smile

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