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F.D.C Rules and Regulations

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F.D.C Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:54 am


1) DO NOT spam in the academy.
~The following is considered as spam~

-Posting one word replies such as : ok, wth, wtf, no etc
-Double posting without any need to do so.
-Reviving dead topics which have been abandoned after a lot of time.
-Usage of bad language.
-Usage of pornographic material
-Web sexing or flirting with members of the academy through public topics or the public chat.
-Usage of any other language that is not English.
-Posting replies that are irrelevant to the current topic.
-Joining the academy and not be active ( This will result in the deletion of the account or its ban )
-Causing drama in the public chat or main topics.
-Chain posting : Meaning that you post, another person posts than you post again and that other person posts again and so on. Unless it is necessary, this situation will lead to a ban of both accounts.

2) You HAVE TO respect the staff and its decisions. If you think a member of the staff has made a wrong decision, than post about it in the suggestions area or try to solve it through pm's. If none of you have reached an agreement pm the main admin ( me ).

3) Back seat modding IS NOT ALLOWED. If you want to act all smart and think you will give a good impression you are wrong. The staff is chosen to take care by themselves of any sort of situation inside the academy. If you want to back seat mod go into dueling network forums, they enjoy it a lot; Here it will result in a ban.

4) DO NOT ask a tester why you were given a certain rank in a test. Testers were chosen to test your skills and not luck. Causing drama about your rank will lead to deletion of your account and IP ban.

4) DO NOT ask a member of the staff or an admin on how to become a member of the staff yourself. IF we need new moderators or administrators there will be topics for it. If you ask to become part of the staff you can already consider yourself out of it forever.

5) If you are found advertising in your avatar, signature, topic, public chat or any other mass advertising way inside the academy you will be IP banned.

6) We are not responsible for staff actions OUTSIDE the academy. We ONLY care what happens inside so if a moderator or admin insults you outside F.D.C do not come and complain here.


Your signature maximum size is 550*550. If it is bigger than put it in a spoiler.
Your avatar maximum size is 400*400. If it is bigger than remove it.
Please do NOT overload your signature by posting more than 2 pictures on it; Else put them in a spoiler. First time this happens they will get deleted. Second time you have a warning.


Whenever the situation requires it, a member might be given a warning depending on the gravity of the situation he is in.
First warning : No action
Second warning : No action
Third warning : 2 days ban
Fourth warning : 1 week ban
Fifth warning : perma IP ban

A member can clear his warning history by contacting an admin and resolving the situation. The admin will than contact me and ONLY I will give the final judgment. Staff members that are found clearing a warning history from a member will be considered to have abused and might be demoted and warned/banned.

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